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Hey ihr! Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Ich heiße Nana und komme aus dem wunderschönen Taunus im Hessen. ^.~ Mehr?

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Violet Le Beaux - Goddess of a girls heart! <3

This blog is for/about ~* Violet Le Beaux*.

She is a goddess in almost everything...wait....in EVERYTHING!!

She can craft beautiful decorations,


polish nails, gives tutorials about how to do special hairstyles


 writes about herself, what happens around her, dresses and so on.


She has style and glamour...she's a real lady!

Her Tutorials are amazing, i've already tried the Puffy Double Bun Tutorial and i was successful D: Me?! Who can't do anything right xD

She also posted about a "microwave chessecake mug" reciept from 2Stew , my best friend loved it. I made her one as a birthday present in two cups. ^^

I've already twittered with her and she is really a lovely girl! I can't discripe her properly to include everything she is.

But to say it in a short sentence, if you like girly/ ladylike decorations, hairstyle and stuff you'll be pretty safe @ Violets blog!


I added her link to my linklist on the right. Just check out her virtual home and enjoy her ideas!


@Violet: Thank you again *kisu*

11.10.10 10:29


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Violet / Website (11.10.10 10:38)
Aww! Your article made me so happy! Thank you so much for linking me and writing such a wonderful post! I've added your blog to my rss reader too so I can keep reading your blog :D *hugs*

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